The Token

The Token

DICK is a new token on Ethereum which devotes a fixed percentage of the liquidity pool into a public wallet from where it will be provably distributed to credible, non-profit organizations with a track record for effectively engaging in the rescue activities of LGBTQI+ individuals who are in danger.

This is a Fair Token Launch. 100% of the initial supply of DICK was added to a Uniswap poll to ensure a 100% fair launch.
The entire initial liquidity was locked in a timelock smart contract that allows between 0% and 10% of the pool to be donated every week.

The amount donated to the non-profits will match the growth of the pool from the 0.3% trading fees collected on Uniswap. DICK unlocked from the pool contract will be burned, ETH unlocked from the pool contract will be donated.

Distributions to the non-profit charities will take place weekly and the wallet will draw down to zero DICKs every month from which it will continue to accumulate for subsequent distribution. None of the founding members or developers of DICK are receiving DICK distributions. This is a clean operation with no rug-pulling, no pumping and dumping, no “greater fool” objective.


DICK founders are committed to serving the global community (most especially the LGBTQI+ community) to decentralize support for their sisters and brothers worldwide. This is our token. DICK is something we are proud of and we want to share our DICKs with you. Our avatar is DICK, the Pink Dolphin.


Our focus, at present, is to devote ourselves to those areas where LGBTQI+ people are at risk of death. In these cases we wish to assist them, rescue them, into safety and resettle them in countries and communities that will welcome them and provide them with asylum. And when we say, “LGBTQI+” we mean all sexual minorities persecuted for engaging in consensual, same-sex relationships or simply for identifying the way they chose to.


Dick does not endorse violence, military action, invasions, occupations, political grandstanding, or any other rhetorical bullshit. We are not into this to hold perpetrators accountable. We aren't here to pass judgment on different cultures or even on intolerant religions. We don't want to politicize this. We just want to help our kind to evacuate and resettle.


Sending a cute dog to the moon is a lovely idea (and it’s been done before). Sending DICK the Dolphin into the stratosphere will save lives. Let’s send DICK there. We promise you that we will fulfill our mission of both raising awareness about the intolerable persecution described here as well as real results in assisting LGBTQI+ people.


Numerous organizations exist which have been carrying out the noble task of helping those at risk. They are the modern underground railroad for LGBTQI+ individuals. These organizations include Canada’s Rainbow Railroad, Russia’s LGBT World Beside and RUSA, The Rainbow Welcome project, New York’s No More Fear Foundation, San Francisco’s LGBT Asylum Project.


The more you buy or sell DICK, the more these worthy organizations will receive the funds. If you buy and sell DICK you are helping raise necessary funds to save LGBTQI+ people from harm. If you buy some DICK and it goes up in price, and you do well, perhaps consider donating your DICK to causes that matter. The longer you hold DICK the bigger it gets.